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450vx and replacement TX650M damaged Motherboard and graphicscard


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My old PSU was vx450W.


My PC was frequently becoming unstable with random freezes and blue screens.


One day I turned on the PC ,while booting up I went to another room ,and few minutes later I came back and found the PC turned off, with the motherboard light still on.


I unplugged the PC and tried booting it again.It wouldn't boot.The graphics card fan,cpu fan,PSU fan spins for about 100 milliseconds and turns off.If I disconnect the graphics card ,cpu fan continues to spin,but could not ensure if it could boot without onbord graphics and buzzer.


I believe graphics card VRM was shorting out (PSU destroyed it?) and PSU short circuit protection prevented from turning it on.


While trying to turn on ,I could sense a mild burning smell.I couldn't locate the source of the smell.


After several tries a strong burning smell was observed and eventually the PSU died.


I tried again with a working PSU from another brand,and PC showed the same symptoms like CPU fan continuously spinning only with graphics card disconnected.


I got the PSU replaced with TX650M after 20 days from local Corsair support center here in India (Kaizan Infoserve)


I tried the new PSU with graphics card disconnected.Now the CPU fan only spins for a few seconds and then restarts.This repeats forever.


I connected the graphics card and turned it on.This time short circuit prevention didn't work.The graphics card burned with spark and popping sound.A mosfet on graphics got fully burnt.


I took the motherboard to a technician.He checked it and told me it is fully dead.The northbridge under the heatsink is burning mildly like a filament,also the clock chip is overheating.The CPU fan is spinning continuously but it cannot boot.Also no beep codes (checked with another buzzer) and POST debug card fails.However the new PSU is working fine.It reponds to paper clip test.



Did both of the PSU's (450vx and TX650M) destroyed my motherboard and graphics card? Can I make a damage claim?

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Did both of the PSU's (450vx and TX650M) destroyed my motherboard and graphics card? Can I make a damage claim?

Without putting the MB and your original PSU through a detailed failure analysis it would be impossible to determine. Any answer at this point would be nothing more than a guess.It's possible the original PSU did , but not the second. But it's always possible it was just a MB failure too.


I would suggest you contact CS by phone and talk with one of the agents and see if you can ask for a damage claim form. I don't now how that will work or if it's possible since you went through Kiazen. I know they handle RMA's there in India, I just don't know how damage is dealt with.

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