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Hi guys, my name is Davide, i write from Sicily (the cool big isle under Italy) so i hope you can excuse me for my poor english, isn't my native language and i learned it by myself...


I got an RMA number for my HX650W but when i received the premailer i discovered that the assigned Return Departement is Almere, The Nederlands, so i asked to support if there is another department nearest to me but the answer was: NO.

So i am in doubt if send my defective product or not, the shipping cost is half the cost i payed for the PSU. What should i do?


I think it's ok charge the shipping cost to customer, but not when the defective product is a big and heavy PSU.

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Hi guys, i have a RMA ready and waiting my UPS but i haven't still send it.

I have a doubt about the boxes i should use...


...i have original UPS box...should i use this or a new one?

...or should i put the original one inside a new one?

...if i use the original box where and how i should write the rma code?


Tanks for your help!

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as long as you send it packed as good as it was when it was first sent to you,you should be fine.

if using the old box then make sure no old shipping info,bar codes ect is visible

id put the rma on the front and on the back to insure its easily seen.if i recall correctly in your rma process they have a document you can print showing the address and rma placement...

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As original box, i mean this one.

When this was delivered to me was in another box with other stuff so shouldn't have other shipping info, at least corsair bar codes etc etc

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Tanks, you helped me a lot.


I made the package can you tell me if it is correct?




I attached the RMA Pre-Mailer and wrote the RMA number on the box.

Is this ok?Or i should leave all clean and delete the RMA number i wrote?

The postal dude (citation needed) says me could give me some troubles...


But, someone edited my posts?

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So you confirm i can send it with RMA code written on the box's side?:confused:

i am scared to receive it back, non from corsair but from Post Office...if not requested i can delete it. :ummmm:

As i just said English is not my language and i had some difficulties to understood well the Corsair Product Return Istructions.

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