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i3-540 and CMX8GX3M2A1333C9


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Hi, everyone. First of all, sorry for my english =) Try to describe my issue...

some days ago, i bought 2*4Gb planks of CMX8GX3M2A1333C9. Windows 7 x86 detected them correctly and everything was ok, until Win x64 installation.

After copying files, on first reboot, loading freezed at the screen "starting windows". In safe mode, last loaded driver was "classpnp.sys". Memtest freezes at the test #2 (see screenshot. There are also old memory installed. No matter - with only new modules installed, i have the same).

BIOS still detect 8 Gb installed memory... I try to run Ubuntu 64-bit from flashdrive, and did it!(no problems, 8Gb available. But i can't check it with any tests)

There is only one guess - Compatibility i3 processor and memory units with different amount of ranks. I'm not good in this things =) It's only assumption from another forum.

I would appreciate any help.




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Thats what I thought . Since they are made with 512mb IC's those are going to be incompatible with your MB/CPU combination.


Originally quoted by RamGuy:.

Actually only Core I7 Quad channel series CPU's will support 64 Gig Core I5 D/C CPU's are limited to 32 Gig because of the number of slots and Core I3 only support 16 Gig of memory and the modules have to made with IC's no larger than 256 X8 Memory IC's so that would 4.0 Gig double rank modules or 16 Gig total. If the MB you have only has two slots then you would be limited to 8.0 Gig of Ram for Core I3 CPU's



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