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H110 Pump Rattle


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Hate to say but I've had a few problems with the latest predominantly Corsair based build.


The pump on my H110 has this annoying rattle to it which just won't seem to go away. It's annoying to the point that I can easily hear it through my open backed headphones unless I have the volume up.


Sounds kind of like this but a more defined rattle (you may need to turn your volume up to hear the clip properly)




Cooling performance is fine, it's just the sound.


The system has been running for about 4 months and I had hoped the rattle would subside over that time. I've tried tilting the PC to eliminate any potential air pockets, as well as trying different fan headers for the pump (which is running at it's rated 1500RPM), but nothing works.


I lodged a ticket 4 days ago just to ask about it but no response just yet (ticket # 6259144).


Do you guys think this sound is abnormal? It sure as hell is annoying me. Really not looking forward to any downtime if I have to RMA.



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Yes, it is abnormal. As long as you have already submitted a ticket then all you need to do is let it run it course. They have been running just a bit behind lately. We are coming into the busy season with the holidays.


But post your case number here if you don't get a resonse by the end of the day.

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I think I have to remember the time difference too because I'm in Australia. Whoops!:sillygrin


Does anyone know if there's a return centre in Australia, or will I have to ship it back to the US?


Just wondering because I obviously want to minimise any downtime and the postage cost from Australia to the US is ridiculous! lol


Still no update on my ticket though.


My ticket no. is 6259144.

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Just thought I'd post an update to this.


Shipping my H110 back to Hong Kong for RMA was going to cost me AUD $60.00 so the support ftaff looking after my ticket suggested getting the store to return it on my behalf. Now why didn't I think of just doing this before!


When I phoned to see if they could do this they said they would ship it back and RMA would take about 4-6 weeks.


Anyway, took ot to the store and was given a replacement on the spot!


New H110's pump is completely rattle free, and I can only hear the very subtle pump noise if I put my ear inside the case. Woohoo!


The fans are better than my last ones. There's still a faint rattle there but I've got some different fans on the way to replace the stock Corsair ones anyway. The main thing is my pump is now silent the way it should be.


Thanks for your help!!

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