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SMART issue


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I have the same S.M.A.R.T. problem on my Corsair Force GT 120 GB, especially on 01, 09, C3, C9, CC which keeps rising every time i click refresh on both CrystalDiskInfo & PassMark DiskCheckup.


Screenshot : http://i48.tinypic.com/opvli.jpg


I also have posted on this thread : http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=106555


Hello I have same problems with Olegichgug & Rangga...


I usually would ignore this (SMART Data) but lately my system became unstable and crash..


after some checking I'm suspecting the data written on the SSD (force GS 120 Gb -OS disk) is became error/corrupt after sometimes...


symptom is :

- I have one Steam games (Dota2) installed on the SSD.. each times i tried validate the files it always came with different file error/corrupt, each time after dl/reinstall the (error) file one other files became corrupt... (never happen before). I test this on my notebook with same steam games on Force 3 60Gb - OS disk (same win7 x64), it don't have this problems...


- I try backup my SSD Partition (full disk backup/image) using Acronis True Image and the validation always came failure each time...

This not happen in my last backup about a month ago using same soft. on the same disk


- running chkdsk for the SSD always return "cleaning unused index ...."

even I don't do anything just chkdsk, restart, chkdsk, restart, chkdsk again

(always have "cleaning unused index ...." report)


- Random BSOD without specific file/etc problems


my question :


- Is the symtom related with always increasing raw read error, ECC, etc (Olegichgug & Rangga... ) ?

- Is this means my SSD is dying ?

- Any Idea/solution that may helps ?

- Is RMA possible ?

- I buy this drive from other country when i on holiday, can I RMA at my country corsair represent ?


step i have done:

- update all driver and OS (windows update)

- update mobo BIOS & SSD firmware to 5.07 (via Toolbox)

- Running stress test (prime95, GPU benchmark) = no error, Extended windows memtest = 4 cycles without problems (still testing).

- running chkdsk/f and chkdsk/r = no error just "cleaning unused index ...." report, corsair toolbox reporting disk fine

- run anti virus/malware, windows defender scan = came zero...

- check windows error log and apply the fix = no more specific error...

- I will try disconnect the drive and move on other port/cables later...


I have test the system for 2 days and have came with no solution,

I'm afraid the SSD failing..


Update: here the ATTO result



Sorry for my (not so good) English....

(If this post out of place, please move it at more appropriate threat)

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