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Simple K95 Keyboard Macro Help


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First off I think the PDF manuals for all the keyboards should be referenced from the FAQ.


So I'm on linux. No software drivers. I want to use the software built into the keyboard to enter aaa by itself. So I press:


'MR','G1','a','a','a','MR' ---This fails when I hit 'G1' hoping for it to enter 'aaa'

'MR','G1','a','a','a','G1','MR'--- fails

'MR','a','a','a','G1','MR' --- fails.


What's the correct way to record a macro the keyboard can replay regardless of the computer it is connected to?

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Trick here is (like with macro's for Logitech G19) to add delays in between keystrokes.


I set the default delay to 20 ms during recording and that works. If there are no delays keystrokes simply don't get processed.


If required (e.g. with ~) you can increase delay to 100 ms. to allow battlefield to open up the console before typing a command.

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