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Hello everyone.


After a month or two it seems the sata/power cable port stopped working. I had a 2 tb hardrive plugged into the one of the Dual 3.5” hot swap bays. The hard drive works fine when I plugged it back in with a different sata cable and the sata power cable from the psu. Wondering if it's possible to just buy a replacement part.







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No need to buy one. Open up an RMA ticket , and request a replacement. It's under warranty , so they will just send it to you. Links on the left!


Now, I don't believe they have added to 540 to the list in the RMA form, so if this is the case, just choose any other case but in the comments section let them know what case you really have and what part you need.

Should be that simple.:)

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Quick update. Everything is going smooth.


Created By: U CS (11/19/2013 6:29 PM)



Replacements have been issued and will be shipping out within 1-2 business days. You have been waived from having to send back the defective unit this time. Please do not send anything back.



RMA Service


Thank you again peanutz94 and Corsair Support.

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