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Problem with XMS3


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Hi folks,

I've been having this problem for quite a while now, but it seems i cannot resolve it by myself.

So, here is the thing i have 6gb(4 modules) of ram on my hands( 2x1 http://www.corsair.com//twin3x2048-1333c9dhx.html and

2x2 http://www.corsair.com//tw3x4g1333c9dhx.html)

They look identical and they have the same frequancy, thats why i took the second pair. The problem is that i cant use them together, separately the work fine, but if i plug them all in, the PC just wont start. I am not much of computer guy so i dont get why they wont work >.<

My mobo is Asus M4A785TD-V EVO, i dont know if it is relevant but my CPU is AMD Athlon X4, 2.9ghz, Video Card - PowerColor HD5670 1GB DDR3, Windows 7. Today i updaded my Bios to the latest version.

Thank for the help in advance :)

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Basically memory may look the same and have similar specs, but are made from different chips.,PCB's and so on. They don't always like each other So they are more or less incompatible with each other.


This is quite common and as a matter fact Corsair does not suggest or support mixing memory just for the very reason your facing now. It's always recommend to get one matched kit of the capacity that meets your needs. That way all sticks have been tested to run with each other.

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