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K50 Lighting Terrible

Sid Cannon

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Hi all, I've just got my K50 and the lighting on it is terrible. The only way it looks okay is if you are looking directly down on it, or if you tilt the keyboard somewhere between 30 and 45 degrees towards you, neither of which are practical for every day use.


Also I wasn't actually planning on using the backlight unless it was dark, but during the day, if I have the backlight turned off I can't see the letters on the keys properly.


EDIT: Is this how it is supposed to be by design? Because it's just shocking for £70

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I've been messing about with this keyboard all day, and I've finally found a workaround. I've lowered my keyboard by a few inches so I'm looking down more than I was and the lighting is acceptable.


Still not as good as I was expecting for £70, but acceptable.


So can a mod close this thread please?


Thank You

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