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H100 high temps


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i have had an H100 for a year and a half now, i cant remember my temps at first but i believe they were around 75C during load. 2600k @4.5ghz.


as of recently after noticing high temps during rendering video work, i ran a stress test and my temps reached 90-95C on high profile fan speed.

its idling at 36-37 on high fan profile and 40-42 on low profile.


the pump is reporting 2086-2148 rpm. and the flow in the tubes feels fine, although the flow in the exhaust tube out of the pump feels a tad stronger.

and most of the heat seems to accumulate at the beginning of the radiator where the hoses enter, and doesn't spread much over the whole radiator.


i did a reseat twice while re-applying TIM. (MX-4) and nothing has improved.


would appreciate to hear any thoughts\tips on my case.


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