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Cooling Node Not Controling Fan Speeds


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Purchased the cooling kit about 6 months ago to go with my h80i, as i need to hook up 5 case fans, and am now trying to hook it up. After much, much effort in trying to first get the link software working in windows 8.1 (got it), then controlling the H80i fans (got it) then going back to an older version of link and updating the Commander's FW (thought I bricked it as the FW was listing as 0.0, but going back to the latest link software, 2.4.5110, has it appearing under devices - got it). Then, after playing around with afterburner, finally got the GPU fans controlled by Link. Now, the last thing I can't get working are the case fans - they appear in Link, but I can't control their speeds.


Here is the hardware:

Cooling node - FW 1.1.12

2 Corsair AF120 Quiet Ed

2 Corsair SP120 Quiet Ed

1 Stock Fan from the Corsair Carbide 400R Case (this isn't showing up in link)


Tried updating the cooling node FW to 1.2.5 by going back to Link 1.2.7 (as suggested in the forums), but in link the commander unit is showing up as FW 0.0 and it doesn't list the cooling node. When I go to the latest Link software - 2.4.5110 - the commander FW displays correctly and I can see the cooling node, but the FW updater only lists the h80i and commander - no cooling node!


My guess is the cooling node FW needs updating to fix the no fan control, but how can I do this?

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Being they are all corsair, I would hope for better than "maybe".


Finally got the FW on the cooler node updated. Tried all versions of link software (as it seems each one fixes on thing, but breaks another) and finally found V2.1.1 to work!


Now the node is updated to 1.2.5 I can see 4 of the 5 fans and have minimal control over their speeds. Although there are only two types of fans (SP and AF 120s), all have different min/max speeds listed. One will be 850 to 1200 rpm where another will be 850 to 1500 rpm and another at 880 to 1320... I'm pretty sure they can go much higher, but there seems to be a problem even in the latest FW for the cooler node.


Another odd point. When looking at the cooling node in devices, it's listing 4 of 5 fans and 1 of 4 temp sensors. I have 5 of 5 fans plugged in and 0 temp sensors; have checked all connections and everything is plugged where it should be. When checking the plugs, noticed the green light on the commander unit will flash green 8 times, then once quickly red.


Does anyone know if there is a new FW in the works for both the cooling and commander nodes? I would expect that if anything would work properly by default it would be Corsairs own fans.

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no actually not all of their fans were made to work with the LC as some would expect

theres different fans for different applications such as case fans to be used on 3 pin m/b headers to name one.

the LC is a PWM fan based system so its designed to perform as such.

of course there are exceptions where a 3 pin fan will still work but not a guarantee ..

also fans will have different max rpm due to tolerance factors which will vary from fan to fan,even if from the same sku #...

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