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Hi everyone,


I have got a RM850 PSU and a Corsair link box. I connected the RM link cable to the Cooling node. I see that the link cable separate into 2 parts:

- 1 x 3 pin FAN connector type, with in fact 2 pins - only rpm reading is needed

- 1 x 2 pin temp connector, corresponding to then 12V power reading, according to Corsair documentation


I also connected 2 other fans of my own into the cooling node.


As a result, CL detects for this device:

- 2 fans

- 2 temps


I get 2 temp reading in 'groups' tab, 'cooling temp 1' (PSU 12V power) and 'cooling temp 4', which doesn't exist.


I suspects CL sees the 2 pin PAN connector from the RM850 as a temp instead of a fan. An there's no way to force it as a fan in CL SW.


Anyone else saw this issue ?



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