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H100i overheating


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hi all.

just bought new PC and awesome cooler H100i

the issue i am having right now is CPU over heating 90-100C when doing intel burn test 80-90C when doing photo editing. i find that very high for liquid cooler.


i have 4670k running stock and do not intend to do any OC till future.

i have reseated the the cooler few times now. i have tried the stock cooler that goes high as 80-90C when i push it other wise sits nicely around 70-75C gaming or photo editing....


corsair link shows pump working at 2200rpm i can also feel the pump working.. when i do get high temps bottom pipe gets warm to hot.


Idle temps are 26-30c


hope you guys can help me here and im hoping the problem can be fixed thanks

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After your machine starts up put direct pressure on the cooling block, pushing it into your CPU. If your temps drop then you'll need to add a set of nylon washers to your backplate .


Also please take note of how your thermal paste was spread when you did your reseat. Was it spread all the way across the CPU evenly? Or was it favoring one side?

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i have to ask

what kind of stress tests are being ran?

im confused as you say idle temps are good,when it goes to 90 when stressing,does it return to normal idle temps?

if theres a pump problem once it heats up its gonna stay there.

im just concerned your stress test is perhaps too much as when your gaming it isnt that bad.

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Nvm im gona take it in for testing and possible replacement..


main reason im concerned is the heat waves we get 40-45C with no Air con.

thats why i bought the H100i thinking it would take off least 20-30C compared to stock cooler in harsh enviroment.

but i can see there is problem..

esp when i run ivy bridge stock clocks with stock cooler and dont go past 80C.... and thats on air.. ill let everyone know how i go though.

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I upgraded from a h50 a few months ago to the h100i and it has been fine until today I get home from work boot up and try to play a game and it starts running very close to 100c so I get out of the game and check things out, nothing loose, nothing I can see wrong with it , my evga mb seems fine, no settings have been changed, just overheating like crazy.... so tomorrow when I get home from work I have to take the h100i off and re-install the h50 till someone from corsair here replies to help me with an rma to get this replaced....... grrrrr
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Wow, every H100i thread I see this wytnyt guy in (including the thread i started regarding my issue which is EXACTLY like the OP's), he's blaming the user. He is not helping anyone. He's just blaming them. Why is he allowed to do this?


im in most threads trying to offer help and if suggesting that perhaps the user is/is not doing something needed then ill suggest it.these units dont just fall into the case and start working,sometimes they require finesse and manipulating things in order to get them working.

as a user i have the same rules to follow as anyone else but i do have my opinion and i wont hold a persons hand,cuddle them and just tell them to rma it,only to have the same problem with another unit.

i just had a OS drive collision on one of my computers,rather than stich a hdd in it,redo windows,i worked thru it and now working without taking the easy way out.

and since changing things i had a time getting my link commander to work but its now ok

all im saying is sometimes you have to suggest most anything as we dont know your abilitys nor experience when it comes to computers.

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thats good to hear

tell us your opinion regarding the cooling between the two hydros.

ive often thought about replacing my h80i with a h110 but it still cools and the upgrade would be just to try it out..


yeh if you remember from this post i had problems with H100i so i cant really compare it sorry.

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