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neutron gtx: constant disk consistency check after m311


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after upgrade my neutron gtx 128GB's firmware to m311, i keep on getting disk consistency checks when I boot up (either 32bit XP or 64bit win8 ent pro). Lately it's happening every time I boot up the comp, even on a hidden partition (with win2k) that is not mapped in both XP and win8.


Does anyone else experience the same issue?



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Have you tried this?


After your update if you still have issues, we strongly recommend the following steps:


1. Complete clearing of the BIOS. This is a good idea after any firmware flash of any device.


2. Secure erase the SSD. For some users, cloning of the drive works, for others it does not. This may be dependent upon the cloning tool used.


3. A clean installation of the OS if you experience instability after a BIOS clearing and secure erase.


UPDATE YOUR BIOS. As always for users with issues, we recommend that you update your motherboard/notebook to the most recent BIOS before attempting to flash your firmware. This may or may not resolve your issue but it is an excellent first step. Quite a few boards/notebooks have been given SSD specific updates over the past few months.


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