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M90 Bind, hold the granade!


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in first sorry for my english, isn't good and I know.


I'm an ex progamer, I've had a lot of mouses and I can say the M90 is almost the best(yes, M90 is a really, really good, durable, comfortable, well build mouse). I say almost for the software, it sucks. Why you didn't a simple software like razer, logitech, roccat, microsoft, etc?


Btw, I can't allow my button 15(all others too) to hold the granade before launching. I bind it with "L" button. I tried to remove the delay, set as loop, without delay too, but nothing.

You can see opening a notepad page that in each case the button won't emulate the key as well as keyboard.


I hope you'll help me. M90 have to be the best in the world!

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