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I had h100i for a long time, recently installed windows 8.1 64bit. Installed latest version of corsair link. But my two rad fans are not showing up inside the software tried different version of corsair link and same thing it wouldnt detect my fans on the radiator. Everything is connected how it was before no changes. I even tried unplugging usb dongle and replugging it back in and same thing fans dont show up in the software.


Dont see h100i fan 1 or 2

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I keep reading numerous posts regarding the inability of the users to use Corsair LINK, or see various components (H100i for example) when upgrading to Windows 8.1.


I had a fully functional Corsair LINK, Commander 2, H100i, Cooling Node, Lighting Node, AX860i under Windows 8.


I upgraded to Windows 8.1, performed the Registry patches, and have a fully functional system under Windows 8.1.


I'm running an AMD FX-8350 on an ASUS Sabertooth 990FX MB, with LINK version 2.4.5065.



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