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K50 right windows key


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Hi all,


I've had my Corsair K50 for 3 weeks now and have recently noticed that the right windows key is over sensitive. Usually I have my windows lock on or I use the left windows key so I didn't notice it at first, but all I have to do to "press" the right windows key is very gently rest on finger on it from any angle and it acts as if I pressed it. Even if I tap the key from the side it opens the start menu.


This can get annoying as today the windows key seemed to be stuck in even though I had the windows lock on so every time I pressed another key such as "d" it would perform windows+d to go to desktop.


Could this possibly be a firmware issue or a simple case of having a faulty keyboard?



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Yeah I took it off to see if there was anything inside that I could see, but still doing the same after putting it back on. I also swapped it with the key next to it to see if it'd still do it and it did, but I don't think it was as bad.


I started to poke something in there to play around with it and it seems to only do it at the bottom (wrist rest bottom) it just seems way too sensitive there. As soon as you touch the rubber inside it opens the start menu, but if you poke the top it won't open until you actually press it down normally. If you do press the bottom part down completely it'll open the start menu 2-3 times.

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I have the same issue just picked up the k95 RGB two days ago and noticed that my Tab key would sometimes press multiple times


or sometimes it would go off if i just lightly brushed it. Yesterday i left the room and when i came back the tab keys going nuts as if it had been held down


i took off the keycap and opened notepad


and noticed that if i ever so gently touched the left side of the tab base it would send a tab to the screen.



not impressed for a $200 keyboard


ill be either returning it or swapping it for another tomorrow...haven't decided yet. it is a lovely keyboard....

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