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Connecting SP2500 to PS4


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Hi guys, Aidan here. New to the forums. Was hoping someone could help me as I am not much of an expert when it comes to cables/connections etc.


I currently own a set of Corsair SP2500 speakers. I am looking to connect my PS4 to these speakers. However, the PS4 has no AV output. Does anyone have any ideas as to how I can connect these speakers to the PS4?


I think I know one way of connecting them but I am not sure. Would plugging a digital optical cable from the PS4 to a digital-to-Analogue Audio Converter and then connecting an RCA cable from the converter box to the red and white connections on the back of the SP2500 subwoofer.


Here is the converter box I am looking at:




Thanks for anytime you take to look at this,



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