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"Buzzy" CX750M PSU


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Hi guys! I need some help regarding my newly bought CX750M.


Since the first day I started using my brand new CX750M PSU(2 weeks ago) I noticed a buzzing coming from it. That was really strange to me since all PSUs I've ever had were completely silent. So I searched these forums and tried disabling my motherboard's ERP, C1E and EIST options as suggested on another thread. It didn't work.


I contacted the seller, I sent them some videos of it working(both silently and noisy) and they told me that it was normal. It was just the capacitor heating, hence the noise.


That sounded really awkward to me since this buzzing seems totally random. It happened during hot days, it happened during a cold night. It happened while the pc was in heavy use(playing games, etc), it happened while the pc was in stand by mode. Sometimes it lasts for 3 minutes, sometimes it lasts for 15 minutes.


So my guess is it can't be just a capacitor heating since there's no pattern to it.


Can you guys give me any help?


1º video - noisy



2º video - noisy



3º video - now the PSU completely silent (as I think it should be working all the time)





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In 60 years of work with electronics I've never heard of "capacitor heating" as a condition that causes noise of any sort. Of course I could be wrong.


It's not impossible that the power supply is sensitive to issue with the incoming AC from the wall particularly because it is so random in nature. DC on the incoming AC, distortions in the sine wave, etc., can contribute to component-generated noise.

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Thanks a lot for the answers, guys!


But it just so happened that I exchanged the PSU for an old one that I had and, to my surprise, after a while the buzzing came back! So, the good news is the PSU is probably ok, but the bad news is I have no idea what the problem might be since it all started after my previous PSU burned. Any tips?



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