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Corsair link and my system (h80 and 3pins)


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I currently have a H80 (not the i), a corsair lightning node and 6 3pin corsair fans (2x af140, 2xsp120, 2x af120), theese are currently controlled by a Manual NZXT fan controller, and the motherboard.

I have been thinking of getting Link to control the lightning but i cant decide on wich, either i get a h100i or i get a Link commander, the problem tho is i dont know how i should control my fans since i heard 3pin "doesnt work very well" with LINK.


But to the questions:

Can the Corsair Link control 3pin fans from about 40-80% or not?


Will the fans click more / less then what they currently do with my Manual fan controller or will it be close to the same(i have some clicking with this controller wich is a known problem with it)?


Otherwise: Is it possible in any way to have the 3pins replaced for 4pins so they acctually work with a commander? spending another 80€ on fans alone is not an option.

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