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H80i and CorsairLink problem


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Hi there!


I am new here to this forum, so after saying "Hi!", I want to describe a problem I encountered yesterday with my H80i my wife gave me as a present for last X-Mas.


As you will see if you have a look at my hardware, the H80i needs to cool a hell of a CPU (i7-3820). So I made custom profiles within CorsairLink to get better temperatures.


Yesterday, after playing for a while (about 1h), I wondered, why the H80i doesn't "turn up" the fans, cause game was already stuttering and stuff. I ALT+TABed out of the game and into CorsairLink. RPM of both fans (the ones which came with the H80i) were only about 650rpm instead of about 1500 - 2000rpm as they should be. Changing the profile to "High Performance" did NOT change anything, so I ended CorsairLink and restarted it, because the RESTART SERVICE button did NOT work, too. After restarting, I was shocked ... see what CorsairLink showed me here:




0rpm on BOTH fans, LED was NOT active, pump did NOT work and temps were 0°C on H80i. The "stuttering" I came into, was the protection of my CPU before melting, because all read temps from CorsairLink were WRONG! I checked with "OpenHardwareMonitor" and CPU was about 75°C, about 10 °C higher than "specified by Intel".


After a reboot everything was fine again. Profiles worked as expected (testet with short Prime95 test "max heat"), fans spinned up, everything O.K..


But why did that happen? Everything is connected as it should. Almost one year without any "real" trouble, then THIS.


FW of H80i is: 1.05

CorsairLink is: 2.4.4948 (not RC!)

Connected to the internal USB 2.0 headers (Intel X79)

Fans connected to H80i, NOT to the mainboard.

Runs on the system in my sig ...


Any help or advice would be appreciated.





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