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Vengeance 2000 with windows 8.1


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I've had my vengeance 2000 now for about five months. I love this headset! I've been using windows 7 as my OS, with no problems. Today, i upgrade to windows 8.1 and run into this problem. Most sounds make a crackling noise, almost like the speaker is broken. I've tried reinstalling the software, plugging the headset into another usb port, updating everything. Nothing. Has anyone had this problem?


I'm going to try installing the software on my friends PC to see if the same thing is happening there and ill update my findings here.






-edit: I did plug these into my friends pc, and they worked perfectly. Hes using windows 8.

-edit2: I was able to get my friends usb headphones and plug them in. Flawless. No crackling noise.

-edit3: I completely uninstalled the drivers. Works perfectly.

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