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Vengence Headset desires and repairs


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Hi I purchased my headset a year ago. I used it very periodically, maybe 8 times this whole year (got real busy).


this last month, the while I was wearing it, the sheathing on the Cord on the headset came out of the housing exposing the wires, I wasn't doing anything just listening to a podcast.... and I looked down and noticed it.


Than this week, I took them off of my head and the plastic nodule that allows them to rotate a bit on the overhead piece, just snapped off when I set them on the desk. No one was rough with them, I wasn't rough with them... it just occurred.


I ordered them from Amazon, maybe they sent me a refurbished one (I ordered them new)


I really liked them, is there a way to get them repaired? whats the cost... Is there such thing as parts (like the plastic nodule rotaing piece)


hoping for some options. I paid 132 dolllars for these at the time.


Is the plastic this weak? is the cord this fragile? or is this a fluke?

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