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VS550 - 12V rail drop


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I know it keeps ATX spec but that doesn't change the fact im having some minor instability with my system


Well, you didn't mention anything about instability in your OP. What exactly is it thats going on with your system?. Instability could be anything ,not necessarily your PSU.


Is your system overclocked?


Can you try your friends PSU in your system?

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yes its fine, the problems im having are:

-gigabyte z87 hd3 motherboard sometimes didn't start only fans spinning so i figured out i need new mobo so there it is new MSI motherboard

-once i had completely dead start only clear cmos resurrected it

-once i had completely black screen on boot

-couple of times after boot my sound card wasn't outputting any sound (had to turn off the driver and turn on)


and that's the end of my corsair psu adventure i have just installed Fractal Design Tesla R2 650W 80 Plus Gold - what's new about it is:

idle 12,056V

stress 12,056V

(motherboard readout, DMM tomorrow)

no over-clocking

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