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Corsair 860AXi Self-Test Does not work, but motherboard receives power?


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Hello! So, I am finally getting around to putting my brand new PC build together. I have run into something strange... here it is:


TL;DR version: The self-test button results in only a click happening, but when plugged into the motherboard it seems to receive power just fine.


Details: I started to hook in my PSU, but then noticed it has a self-test feature. So, I plugged it in to the wall and before hooking up cables, tried the self-test. Nothing, just a double-clicking PING and no light/fan spin up. Thinking I would surely have to RMA, I began the process...


But after talking to a friend, he recommended testing it with the motherboard anyways, as it really shouldn't damage anything. I don't have my CPU thermal paste yet (that gets here tomorrow), but even without the CPU in I should be able to tell if the motherboard gets power and such. So, I tried that and viola! The motherboard powers on, the power supply gives a green-light in the self-test LED, and the fan spins up. The motherboard is of course giving me a CPU-LED error, but it should, there isn't a CPU in it.


So, what does this mean? Is it possible that the self-test button itself is the faulty part, and I should go ahead with the full build tomorrow and see if it posts? I really don't want to go through a 2-week+ long RMA process... especially if all of the important components of the PSU works!


Thanks for your help!


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It's possible the self test itself failed.


Thats up to you if you want to return it or not. Since it's a new unit, i would start with your reseller first and have them exchange it for you. If they can not or will not help , then go through the RMA procedure.


You can always ask for an advanced replacement if you need to

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