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Corsair 750D question..


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For my new build I'm planning on using the 750D as my case, My motherboard is the ASUS Maximums VI Formula. I heard that the motherboard has some compatibility problems because of the backplate. I heard that Corsair knows about and has a fix for it.




If I was to buy the case near Christmas and its still the old batch, will I be able to RMA it or something to be able to get the newer batch so I am able to have the motherboard with the backplate on. I live in Canada if that information is important.



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I have the same issue... I ordered this case along with the Formula 6 at NCIX and bammm, I can't build my new rig... I know I can remove the backplate, but I paid for it... I placed and rma here but no answer yet !


I know Corsair will fix it, but I will probably ask for a new case (another model)



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Here's a section from the post.


If you do have this MB / Case combo and you’re having some issues fitting it, please contact our Support or me, and we will provide you a detailed instruction on how to get your compatibility issue fixed.


We do apologize for the inconvenience. Rest assured that, we will do our best to get this issue resolved as painless as possible.


If you encounter the problem with the case/motherboard, contact Corsair and they will help you. If shipping the old case is required they may cover the shipping for you.




Post your ticket # here.

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I hope we will have the revised version earlier next week... my buit is on hold because of that !


I must disappoint you SimDuch, I'm afraid. I recently got a response on my ticket and they had this to say about it:


"The Obsidian 750D uses built-in standoffs to support the motherboard, similar to how our 300R does. In the years we've shipping cases like this, we have yet to run into a compatibility issue, including the boards with backplates such as the Sabertooth series. However, the Maximus VI Formula motherboard changed the spacing around the motherboard mounts in the backplate to cause a physical incompatibility. As such, there are two options: remove the backplate completely, in which case the board will fit normally. Or to use a different case.


Due to request, we will eventually be moving the 750D to use standard, non built-in standoffs. However, the change is months away as tooling takes significant time. We regret this incompatibility and are working to address it, but it is an unfortunate circumstance of two vendors both trying to create a new standard in their respective industries and the occasional hiccups that we run into when pushing the boundary of the current status quo. Thanks."

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