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AX650 PSU Problems should I RMA?


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My PC build is less than a year old an has been working fine until recently, where the PC has become troublesome to start. Once started the PC is completely stable until powered down, where the fun starts again.


With the power switch on I do see power to the motherboard.


I've performed a PSU test with a multi-meter.


My first three attempts showed 5.13V from ATX24 pin 9 (+5VSB) but absolutely nothing on any other pin. The fourth test having turned the PSU off and on again several times resulted in all ATX pins showing correct voltage.


Turning the PSU off and on, most of the time I hear nothing and I see only voltage only on pin 9 (+5VSB). Sometimes I hear a very quite click (quite relay?) and in these cases I see power on all the ATX pins.


Is this a faulty PSU and should it be RMA'ed. I notice that Corsair no longer list the AX650 in the line up, and I've seen other posts with similar issues, is this a design problem?

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When your PSU is plugged in and "on" (as in the switch on the back of the PSU in the on position) the only voltage you're going to get on the 24-pin connector, or any connector for that matter, is the +5VSB.


More often than not when I see this issue, it's a problem with the motherboard. Do you have any other PSU that you can use to see if you can duplicate the issue. Not saying it can't be the PSU, but I'd hate for you to go through the hassle only to end up with another PSU and the same problem.

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Thanks jonnyguru..


I've performed an issolated PSU test. No PC. Looped back pins 15 & 16 with all other connectors unplugged, so PSU should power ATX connector. I see inconsistent behaviour, sometimes power to full ATX connector. Mostly not . This mirrors in situ behaviour. I would not expect to see this if I had motherboard problem and I've seen no other signs of any mobo issues.. BSOD, POST failures etc. Mobo tools suggest no issues.


I have another PSU but will mean dismantling two PCs so I'd rather avoid if an obvious RMA.

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