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Front Panel mic issues, Corsair Carbide 200r


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I just got a new corsair carbide 200r from newegg. I moved everything from the old case into the new corsair, and everything works fine, except the front panel audio and mic jacks, I'm having some very strange issue swith them...


I have a turtlebeach z11 headset. the headset has two 3.5mm connectors, one for the mic portion of the headset, one for the headphone portion. If I just plug in the headphone jack, that seems to work OK, I can hear sound via the headset. However I have some severe issues when trying to plug in the mic portion, here's what happens:


If I plug in Just the mic portion, into the carbide's front mic jack, the realtek control panel detects it as both headphones AND a mic, even though ONLY THE MIC CABLE is plugged in. This makes windows mute the sound from my speakers, and since only the mic cable is plugged in I can't hear anything from the headset either, giving me no sound at all.


If I plug in both the headset's mic and headphone cables into the front jacks, NOTHING WORKS AT ALL. As soon as I plug the second cable in, the realtek control panel suddenly says both cables are disconnected. When this happens if I unplug the mic cable, it detects it as headphones again, and works as headphones, but as soon as I plug the mic jack back in, bam it thinks both are totally disconnected again.


Just earlier today this was working perfectly with the previous Antec case. I know the front panel is plugged in properly to my motherboard (The corsair case cable labelled "HD Audio" is going to the "F_AUDIO" header on the motherboard, and as I mentioned above, with only headphones it works fine).


Is there anyway I can get this cases front mic jack to work? Is there something wrong with this cases front panel wiring?

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I tried reseating the HD Audio cable, and checked the connector on the motherboard to see if there was any loose or missing pins and there did not seem to be. Also uninstalled and reinstalled the realtek drivers.


I noticed, upon uninstalling the realtek drivers and using the native windows 8 driver, I can see whats actually happening:


When I plug my headset's mic connector into the front mic jack, and go to "playback devices" in windows, I can see its rapidly switching between speakers and headphones output, like every 0.2 seconds. This makes no sense, because when its doing this there is nothing even plugged into the headphone jack, only the mic jack. It also does it when I plug the mic's headphone connector into the headphone front jack, again I can see in windows its constantly switching between speakers and headphones output... I had no problems like this at all just this morning with the old case...


Does this mean my cases front I/O panel is defective?


EDIT: I also put in a support ticket: 6251679



EDIT 2: Got my mic/headset fully working. In the realtek control panel settings I disabled "enable front panel jack detection". Now I'm able to use my mic and speakers at the same time, as well as being able to plug both my mic's mic input and headphone output into the front jacks without having them both "disconnect" and stop working.

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