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Hi Green [Corsair has a distinctly generic ring to it]


That is bizarre; just called the panel up as reference to this reply, and for the first time since I've been checking entries in Device Manager, the Link has its own slot in the USB controllers' hierarchy. To my amazement, it's called...'Corsair Link USB Dongle'! Well, that's distinctive enough as a label for ID purposes I guess :] How did you do that?


Meantime, I'm thinking that the dongle is used for multiple PSU's with the Corsair name, as I can't imagine other branded products having a dedicated COM port for the unit.


I'm using 2.4.5110 s/w version, and assuming it's the latest available; also assuming that, unlike the Commander, fan & lighting modules, the dongle doesn't get firmware updates.


Thanks for your help, and excuse my credulity ...

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