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Corsair 1500 Vengeance Stop Working...

Jan Engels

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I bought this headset last week (05/11/2013) ... at first loved this model ... but two days stopped working ... tried everything ... reinstalled the drivers ... connected in various usb ports on my pc ... did some tutorials forum corsair ... even formatted the computer ... occasionally it works but when I unplug and plug but when i restart windows it is no longer recognized ... please help me out because this experience is really become something very frustrating ...
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I cant do it... I have stereo speakers on it...


the computer is conflicting between your onboard and the usb of the headset.


its one or the other unfortunately.


I almost tossed my pair against the wall before I realized what I forgot to do (disable on board sound).


with a usb headset the headset becomes your sound card and does not use your onboard one at all.

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