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Is Obsidian 650 Large Enough

Mike 399

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I just finished my first build. I used the Obsidian 800D. It was perfect - so was the support I received from Corsair.


Anyway, I understand that the 800D has been discontinued and I am now looking at the 650D for my next build. (I made the first one for my son - it went so well, this one will be for me.


Is the 650D large enough for:

ASUS Sabertooth X79


Corsair Hydro H100i



Would I need the Hydro H100?



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The 650D is plenty large enough with or without the H100. I have way more than that crammed into mine and that with an EATX MB.


Would I need the Hydro H100?

Are you overclocking or planning on running at stock speeds? If your running at stock then no you wouldn't "need" it. The stock Intel cooler would be fine.'


If you are overclocking, then it would most certainly help keep the CPU cool

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