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TX750M fan/heat problem.

Spanky McSpank

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Hello all,


I bought a Corsair TX750M. I noticed that it's now quite noisy when it's running the fan. It seems that at low and medium draw, instead of the fan running at low speeds, the fan rocks back and forth like it's not getting enough power.


When the PSU gets hot or gets a heavy draw, the fan then runs fast and it the noisiest thing in the case. So instead of running quietly to cool the PSU, it can only run at higher speed when the PSU is pretty hot.


Is this a known problem, or is it just the normal operation of the fan? I know they are not supposed to run their fans at low temps, but it seems my unit can't run it's fans at low speed at all, and only when you can feel the heat off the PSU by touch.

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