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[k95] Macros for MS word dont work if file opened from explorer/total commander


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Overview of the problem:

  • created some macros for MS word.
  • they work ONLY if I open the MS word program from desktop first and then open some xyz word file.
  • But they DONOT work If I directly open any xyz word file from total commander file explorer. (however it works if i directly open word file from windows explorer)


  • I’ve created a new k95 profile.
  • assigned application “Winword.exe” to it. (directory location is correct “c:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office15\WINWORD.EXE”)
  • in this profile, I created a macro on “G7”. this macro is meant to press “Ctrl+B”
  • this macro works perfectly as long as I open MS word from desktop shortcut and then open any word file word file from the menu inside MS word.
  • BUT, if I directly open a word file from total commander file explorer, then macro doesn’t work.

plz help.

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