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(Also) need help with H100i RMA


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I say also because at the time of this posting there is another thread already with the same title.


I bought an H100i January 3rd of this year. I got home from work today to hear a sharp rattling noise coming from my PC which I quickly figured out was coming from the H100i pump.


I've since done my fair share of googling and searching these forums to find similar accounts. All of them amount to filing and RMA. My problem is that I'm not allowed to select either "Standard Replacement" or "Express Replacement" when filling out the online form. The only option available is "Accessory Product Request".


So, fine, I've submitted a ticket using the option "Accessory Product Request". But what I really want is a replacement. Am I really not entitled to this under the warranty terms?


Here is a link to a quick video I shot where you can hear the noise: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-ecuM63GSkzaWMtNTZlNTdPbkU/edit?usp=sharing

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Your fine, they will fix it internally once they realize what you want. You cn also post your case number here and one of the other guys may get to it before they do.


Alternately if you can call CS in the morning with your ticket number they would be able to get it straightened out for you

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