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potential issues with my psu


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ok, so I'm trying to decide if I need to rma my power supply or not, I finally fixed one issue I've been having with my gaming computer, but upon STARTING skyrim, not even 2 minutes into it, my second issue reared its ugly face. :[pouts:


the second issue other than bsod's ive been having is that every now and again without warning, my computer completely powers off like the house had a power outage, just shuts off instantaniously and without warning. :confused:


so I've been doing some poking around with my computer while I'm using it every now and again, and *touches the top of the psu* it gets very hot to the touch, yet the fan does not run unless I just started up the pc, and even then it only runs for about 3 to 4 seconds before stopping, and no mater what I'm doing on my pc, gaming, web browsing, just idling, that power supply fan NEVER runs...


so my thought process is that I have a working power supply with faulty fan circuitry. can anyone else back up that theory? in addition to this is there anything that I can do to find out for sure if it is a faulty psu or not?


any and all help into this matter is greatly appreciated.

on a side note, I cannot remember when I bought this from bestbuy, is that going to be a deal breaker or not?

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