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650D Front Fan Noise


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Hey guys, I've read around and saw hat there are many posts about this issue and wanted to know what is the policy towards it nowadays? My front fan sounds awful, I have added extra washers between the fan and mounting screws to add some space but there is still that jet sound, even a the lowest fan speed.


I saw that Corsair was sending out fan controller replacements, are they still doing that? Secondly, I tried adding that 7w resistor, I took it from one of the SP120 i have and that did the trick but I touched it and it gets REALLY hot! I was wondering if it's safe, when the fan is working, I can't touch the resistor for more than several seconds because it sizzles so I was wondering if it's ok to use that?


Anyway, I would like to know what can I do on Corsair's end to address this issue.



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I doubt very few people still use the stock fans as they are way too noisy, just replace the top and front fan with either Bitfenix Spectre Pro fans or or the Coolermaster Megaflow 200mm fans. The Bitfenix Spectre Pro come in 200mm and 230mm, you can get the 230mm ones to fit in with a bit of jiggling, i prefer the Coolermaster Megaflow 200mm fans which is what i use myself.


As for the stock fan controller i don't use it, i took it out and replaced it with a Lamptron FC5 V2.

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