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750d front panel won't latch...


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UGH so I just got my RMA back from corsair because my power button on this case wouldn't push (750D) and it works fine now but now the front panel refuses to latch.


It has a terrible latch design where there are like 2 plastic things attached to springs that are supposed to fit into two holes on the panel but something is causing it not to latch like it did before...


Anyone had issues with this and resolve it? I really can't RMA that part because it would require me to pull all the cables through the front of the case to remove the front port panel.


Thinking about just buying some velcro to use on it... because I really don't feel like returning the entire case.:confused:


I really expected higher build quality for such an expensive case but too many little plastic parts.



Alright I just yanked out the spring and plastic garbage and put some velcrow strips at the top, works fine.

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I have the same issue with this case. I have started a ticket through Corsair, and they said I would get a reply within 2 days (first logged on 3/24/14), but still no reply, and their live chat service simply did not work for me.


Did you guys have to wait more than 2 days for Corsair to respond? Am I going to be ignored?

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Contact customer service via phone and ask for a ticket update.


You can call them using Skype by calling their toll-free number.


Thanks I just did that and they are shipping me the replacement parts. This seems to be a fairly common issue with this model (750D).

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Guys I do have the same problem. Tried to make a support ticket (number 6449947) on the Corsair website, waiting for a reply for a week now. Didn't got a single reaction.


One of the two latches refuses to work. I have this case for a week now.

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