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K70 some keys double striking


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i have thiis weird Problem that my K70 is doing random double strikes on some keys when pushing them.


Currently it happens most with i, e and r.


The weird Thing is, that it seems to get better for a short period of time when i unplug the keyboard.


I tried every port and it always happens and gets worse over time until it double taps eveery tiime.


II kepts the typos on purpose to show it to you.


The keyboard is just like 2 months old now.


Anything i can trry before turning it in to the shop?

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All drivers are up to date. Firware for the keybard is also new, did nothing.


Bios Flashing is not possible, i have a Packard Bell Vegas 2 Board (OEM Version of ASUS P5NE-SLI) and there are no updates available from Packard Bell (and as the Chip is welded onto the board i wont try to flash the asus original bios.)

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Unfortunately ii have no other computer to test it on.

Now the 11 iis double and triple strikiing as well.

Thiis is getting really annoyiing.

Any other idea what could cause this problem?

II really dont want to send it back, because this will take weeks till i get a new Keyboard, but it seems theree iis no other way...

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Contact your seller and ask if they can replace the keyboard for you. If not, request an RMA to replace it.


You can request an advanced RMA if you need the keyboard. An advanced RMA means Corsair sends you the replacement unit first. When you receive it, you send your faulty keyboard back to them. This requires a valid CC and can only be requested by calling customer service via phone.


You can call customer service using Skype by calling their toll-free number.

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I have the same problems. By the way some keys woont wrk... Just as yoou can see, this double o, and then no o at all. Its very annoying. Keyboard is old around 2 month, worked perfectly first 1,5 month, and noow started with this problems.
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I have had this problem on three k70's. I'm not going to corrrect miistakes in this post to show what keyboard no3 iis doing riight now).


All three started with a single key going funny at around the 2 month old mark and then got progressively worse until they were unusable. My cuurrent keyboard was douuble striking orr not regiistering on the first stike - 26 keys on Friday (23 double registering and three not registering on first strike). I then cleaned it, switched USB ports, switched the usb of my mouuse reciiever, reflashed the boiis (again) and the problem seemed to go away for a while...now its back although not on 23 keys just yet but its going down hill pretty fast as you can see by this post.


I have used software to test the switches on the keyboard as suggested by a member of this forum, and as I susppected all switches are fine...that is none of them are chattering. The fastest register I get is 12ms and thats trying to get it to register as fast as I humanly can - basically viirbrating my finger on the actuation point. I believe chatter would be under 5ms if I am understanding it right. So my keyboard is doouble registering but the switch testing software says the sswitches are operating fine.


To me that leaves firmwarre - specifically the rrebouunce programing. Either that orr some other piece of harrdware on the board has failed...buts it not the swiitches as far as I can tell.


I have tested all three of my keyboards on other machines and the problem remains - althouugh the severity can be less on my other computer. At least thats how it appearrs. Anyway, currently debating if I should go for rma no4 or just throw the thing in the bin and be done with it.

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