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Difference between the Vengeance 1500 and vengeance 1500 v2 ?


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Hello ! I'm considering the purchase of a Corsair Vengeance 1500 because of your good reviews. However, I noticed there was also a v2 model... With no info at all. So, here is my question :


What's the actual difference between the Vengeance 1500 and the Vengeance 1500 v2 ?

They are 15 bucks more, but I searched EVERYWHERE and nobody talks about any difference whatsoever.


Did they at least fixed the issues with the fuzzy noises when the mic is active, that everybody talks about for the Vengeance 1500 ?


Also, I am using windows 8.1 right now, what does prove to me that you are going to release compatible drivers that do REALLY work ? I've been checking out your tech forums a lot and your products seem to have a LOT of problems with drivers not working, sound being too loud at 2% volume...

The fact there are new drivers but people keep saying to revert to the older 1.1 ones isn't a great sign.


That's a lot of question, but I'm really considering buying it (v1 or v2 if there's any actual difference) and I really don't want to run into any issues.


Thank you for your time ;)

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Right now you don't want either. There are no drivers that work properly for windows 8.1, no way to get good sound quality even if you do manage to get surround working. Your best bet is to go with someone else for the time being.


I have owned both the v1 and the v2 1500's and up until this driver BS was one of the largest supporters of Corsair. They have suggested they are hoping to have a driver in the next couple days, however others have heard from support it won't be available until next month.


As for the fuzzy mic noises, nope not fixed. It's actually better when the mic is turned on rather than muted however.


TL;DR - Don't get either.

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Alright, thank you for your reply !

I'm quite disappointed, I was looking forward to getting this headset as my first ever headset, for gaming with friends. After reading a bloody hell lot of reviews, this seemed to be the best one with surround sound (I want the surround sound because I'm going to get the Oculus Rift when it comes out)


But why did they botehr putting out a v2 if they didn't even fix the most obvious issue the first one...


Anyway, thank you for the info !

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