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Corsair Vengeance 1500 Left playing right and vice versa


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My vengeance 1500 occasionally mixes up the sound lines by sending the Right Sounds to my Left Ear and the Left Sounds to my Right ear.


This happens seemingly randomly while playing especially in counterstrike GO. When I test the headphones in windows, the left sound will continue to come out of the wrong ear even in windows. I need to change either a game sound setting (switch from headphones to speakers for example) for the sound to reconfigure properly.


Any suggestions? I've tried running with basic drivers, Corsair drivers and the corsair headset software with no luck! I've tried to re-installing my OS and the games.


This doesn't happen with other USB headsets nor my normal speakers.

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Try this;

Guys, I'm excited.... I really hope I'm not too fast with this: It seems I have a workaround.


Disable the "Desktop Window Manager Session Manager" service!


You may lose some visual features. To disable the service, press Win+R, Enter "services.msc" and press Enter. In the shown list, look for the service name, right click on it and select "quit" (or whatever it's named in your language) in the context menu. To disable it permanently, double-click on the service and change "startup type" to "manual".


I've Alt+tabbed out of the game about 50 times, and I've also pressed Ctrl+Alt+Del additional 50 times. The error didn't occur anymore. I hope this is more than promising.^^




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Hi Toasted!


Thanks for that reference. I tried that suggestion but my sound still inverted. Before, I could swap sound modes in game to correct it but with the service disabled the sound remained inverted until I logged off/rebooted windows.

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