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Bought an H90 Corsair really disappointed.


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The pump is very noisy, more than the intel stock fan !! I have tried everything possible but now i give up.


- Tried putting the rpm down, it helps but not much

- Move the radiator around, made more noise !

- Plug the pump in a chassis fan input - no good

- Adjust my bios fan control - no change

- Many more - Lost so many hours in trying to get the pump quiet


Sorry but I am very disappointed with Corsair for a poor quality water cooler. I submit an RMA already and no reply.


Time to borrow a replacement cooler and get like a noctua cpu fan some time later. What a waste of $99. I feel i got ripped off. So sad I chosen corsair water cooler over Noctua fans.

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You could start an RMA and exchange it. It might be defective, but they are definitely not low quality coolers. Like all manufacturers, there are some that slip through that can be defective, but Corsair is very good about replacing any of their defective products.


There is the chance that some are is trapped in the pump housing. Air bubbles can cause the pump to rattle. Try tapping the pump while it's running and see if that helps fix the problem. Also orient the radiator so that the hoses are pointed down toward the bottom of the case if it is mounted on the side of the case. This will let gravity take care of any air that may have been trapped in the system.


There is never a time when the pump's circulation RPM should be lowered. It should remain at a fairly constant and consistent speed (the speed depends on the model). Lowering the RPM of the pump may cause rattling to occur as it isn't designed to be run at a lower speed.

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Thanks for your reply Latharion.


I have already tried tapping the pump and putting the radiator like you said. Still no good.


I have the Bitfenix phenom case and I have the radiator exact as in the picture here http://bitfenix.img.bgcdn.net/products_overview/phenom-micro-atx/superb_flexibility.jpg


I managed to get RMA number with corsair but unfortunately shipping is really expensive in Australia. Its costing $60 AUD to send it back to their Hong Kong RMA department.


I will try to get a replacement through the retailer I bought it. If the retailer denies my replacement it would be easier to buy a noctua fan for the sake to same time and all the hassle.

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chocoloco, if your unit is less than 30 days old it would be best to start with your retailer and see if they can exchange it for you. If they can not or will not help, then go ahead with the RMA process.


Be sure to let them know that your unit is less than 30 days old and be sure to ask them for a prepaid label for shipping costs. So be sure to log back into your ticket and ask if you decide to go through Corsair directly.

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