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H100 issues with Link


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Hi Guys,


I purchased a Corsair H100 a while ago, running fine, and now I just got a Corsair Link Commander with Cooling node. I also have a brand new RM850 PSU.


I connected the H100 on the Link commander. Here is what I get on the software:

- 2 FANs (3 & 4) reading 9952 and 1028rpm (!)

- 1 pump, reading 6425 (!!)

- 2 x Temps (1 & 4), reading 0°C each (!!!)


The readings doesn't look correct to me, and I should have 1 temp for cooling water, not 2. Strangely the H100 is well detected in device panel.


Regarding the RM850, the LInk cable is connected on the Link Cooling node (3 pin fan + 2 pin probe).


I never got the fan detected (perhaps it never started), and the power reading is about 5A, which quiet a bit low :).


Cooling node version is 1.2.11.

Link version is v2.4.5110.

Commander firmware is 2.0.6.


Profile reset and PC restart do not help.


Any idea what could be wrong?


Thanks in advance!







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Well, after a RMA, I installed the replacement part and ... it works. At least with Link 5.4.5065.


It seems there would be an issue on pump temp with 5.1 version but I am not sure.


I note that replaced H100 firmware version is 1.1.12.


Thanks to Corsair support!

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