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ASUS Z87-A Reports CMZ8GX3M2A1600C9 at half capacity.


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Hi All, this is my first post. I have an Asus Z87-A motherboard and I checked the compatibility guide before purchasing the Corsair 8Gb(2x4Gb) CMZ8GX3M2A1600C9 memory modules. I have four modules for a total of 32Gb of ram. The motherboard's bios only reports the modules as 4Gb in each channel instead of 8Gb.


Here is what I have done so far to remediate:


1) Updated the bios to latest.


2a) Installed only one memory module in channel Dimm-A2. System reported 4Gb instead of 8Gb.

2b) Installed two memory modules in channel Dim-A2 and Dim-B2. System reported 4Gb each, 8Gb total. (should be 16Gb)

2c) Installed all four memory modules. System reports 16Gb ram.


3) Per suggestion of ASUS support chat, I installed a replacement Core i7 4770K CPU to test if the original CPU had a faulty memory controller.


4) Everything is running stock, no overclocking at this time. Intel Core Temp utility reports all four cores running at ~25C at idle and ~70C under load.


5) Verified the OS is Windows 7 64bit Ultimate.


As you can see from the system report out of CPU-Z, the memory size for the individual module is being reported by the bios incorrectly:


DIMM # 1

SMBus address 0x51

Memory type DDR3

Module format UDIMM

Manufacturer (ID) Corsair (7F7F9E0000000000)

Size 4096 MBytes

Max bandwidth PC3-10700H (667 MHz)

Part number CMZ8GX3M2A1600C9

Number of banks 8

Nominal Voltage 1.50 Volts

EPP no

XMP yes

XMP revision 1.2

AMP no

To verify the authenticity of the ram, here is a link to a picture of it in case I am missing something: Vengeace Picture


Does anyone know what's going on here and how I can get all 32Gb to show up? In a nutshell, the system runs very well and there have been no stability surprises. The only problem I'm having is that the ram is not being fully reported. I really need this extra memory for my work and appreciate any suggestions. Thanks for taking a look.

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I have four modules for a total of 32Gb of ram.



You have 8GB kits, not 8 GB modules. You have a total of 16GB.


With all due respect to you, Yellowbeard, what part of four modules do you not understand? Four sticks of 8GBs equals 32GBs. Each 8GB stick has 4GB on each side of the stick. What you are suggesting is that each stick of the kit VrDeity has bought has only has 4GB on one side of each stick (or 2GB each side of the stick). If that was the case, then the label on each memory stick would state 4GB, not 8GB.


I have the same problem. BIOS not registering the correct amount of memory. I have 2 sticks of 8GB, which totals 16GB, but only half of the 16Gb is registering, both sticks installed.


No one seems to want to discuss this problem. This is not a voltage issue, or a timings issue, it is a sensor issue as far as logic would dictate? Neither VrDeity or myself are concerned about speed or frequency, or overclocking, we are concerned that we are missing half of our GB total...and we wants it, Precious! We paid for it!


This is a very frustrating problem, and is something I want to know the 'why' of. It seems to point to Corsair Vengeance sticks being the culprit, but Vengeance memory is more widely bought, so this may be giving a false positive. I have noticed from other forums that this problem occurs with other memory company product, but because Corsair memory is more widely purchased, it maybe falsely pointing to Corsair products.


I wish Corsair would comment on this issue.

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With all due respect to you, Yellowbeard, what part of four modules do you not understand? Four sticks of 8GBs equals 32GBs. ..........I wish Corsair would comment on this issue.


Uhmmm.....we have commented on it. My suggestion to you is to know what YOU are talking about before you accuse someone else of not know what they are talking about.


In the part number CMZ8GX3M2A1600C9, the 8G means it's an 8GB KIT, not an 8GB MODULE. Same with your CMZ8GX3M2A1866C9B. 2 of either of those kits will = 16GB total, not 32GB.








Anything else I can help you with? Have a nice day. ::pirate::



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