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Corsair m95 mouse keeps skipping forward


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Hello guys loving this mouse button layout.


but i got a issue with it sometimes wel rather a lot when i walk in mmo's i have it on auto run and organize bags or whatever with the mouse

and here the bug is realy noticable when i left or right click the camera jumps some times its eradic and it jumps everywhere.


anybody got this issue



i tried to firmware update * im on 2,07 * but when it tries to update it windows says USB device no longer recognized mouse dies updater fails and i have to re insert it into a usb slot * a usb 2 one*


can anybody help say this is a firmware related issue or a bad mouse * god i hope not i lost the reciet ><

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Is the mouse plugged into a USB 2.0 port?

As for the camera jumping, When you press the left/right button and move your mouse the camera goes crazy? Have you tried a different surface?


yes its in a usb 3 and i can try the other part in a few days the mm600 is ordered and imcomming

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