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M95 - Sensor is not tracking.


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I was at a LAN-party and bought a M95 mouse at a booth. I quickly returned it becuase it was DoA. It didn't react at all when it was connected to a computer.


I got it replaced, and it worked just fine.


There were some issues with a game, so I had to restart my computer. When I turned it on, the mouse LED's turned on, the mouse-buttons are working, but it's sensor is not tracking.


I've tried the following:


Reinstall driver

Firmware update

Try 2 other computers

Using both USB 2.0 and 3.0.



Does anyone have any suggestions? I am really tired of this mouse already..

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It sounds like the sensor is bad. Request an RMA to replace the mouse. I would also contact customer service and ask if they can provide a pre-paid shipping label as the unit is less than 30 days old.


You can call customer service using Skype by calling their toll-free number.

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