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Corsair Link 2 not showing CPU temp


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I recently bought my H80i :D:


But when i had installed it i discovered that Corsair link didn't work with W8.1. I found out that it was rivatuner statistic that made the program crash at startup. But when i got it running, i noticed that the temp of the CPU was at 0. The average temp works, and the activity. But the big problem with this is that when i set the color if the H80i to temperature, it doesn't change, i think this is beacuse it changes with the temp pf the CPU, that always is at 0 in the program. Does anyone have an answer to this? i have long looked forward to using this feature. :brick:


In the picture you can also see that there are 2 temps of the 860i, one on 0 and one that works. :confused:


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