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K95 keyboard and M60 mouse stop working


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Hi. Both the mouse and keyboard work during boot up (pressing F2 allows access to BIOS and both units function fine). But as soon as Windows (8) starts, both the K95 and M60 switch off and there is nothing I can find to do to get them going again except to reboot where again they initially work until Win8 starts.


This now leaves my PC rendered useless. I can't even try loading different drives etc.


I am sending this post via my notebook PC.


The problem PC is a new one (see specs) and has worked for a while. I first had this issue after upgrading to Win 8.1. But when this problem occurred I reinstalled Win 8.0 from my OEM disk. After this I got my keyboard and mouse back but this was only for a day. I note that when the KB/mouse were working they switch off (or at least the key lights go out for a moment) at the point BIOS finishes and Windows starts.


Advice would be gratefully received. Cheers Anton.

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