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Wrong 800D USB3 plug

crooked windows

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Please can anyone confirm if the latest versions of the 800D comes with a adapter for the front USB3 panel to MOBO header.


My case came with a Y shaped adapter, approx 12" (30cm) long that has 2 female plugs to accept the 2 male leads that are connected to the internal side of the front panel. the other end has the header BUT for USB2. This adapter has WHITE and not blue colored ends and I am hesitant to use it. First of all, it wont go in as the pin layout is different for UBS3.


Q. Has Corsair packaged the wrong lead?

if this is the case, how is this corrected.

thanks for any help I get

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I don't think i worded it correctly/added more info.


What i meant was the 800D does not come with a USB 3.0 to internal USb 3.0 adapter.


The adapter that comes with the 800D. the one you described is for the USB 3.0 ports but it is for users who do not have a USB 3.0 ports on their motherboard or those who do not want to plug the connectors to the rear motherboard.

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