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I am the "happy" owner of Corsair Commander 2, and 2 Cooler node and 1 RGB node.

I find the link crashes every day and throw all of my settings when I restart link.

Either Commanden or my Cooler nodes, can not figure out how to use the Custom curve as I would like it to.


I run with 6 Gelid PWM fan at the top, has also Corsair 6 PWM fan, it makes no difference which one I use.

Seems soon as it is almost a waste of money this.

Not cheap in Denmark around 1500 kr or about $ 300.


Hope you have some suggestions that will soon have tried everything and am about to give up and resign myself to a corsair product does not work.:confused:


Attaches pictures so you can look and see if there is anything I can do






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what your crash pic is showing oddly enough are called by some members as ''ghost icons'',,where you have a working set of icons and current set reading zero.

what ive found to cause this was usb conflict,,be it a usb header or some type of usb connected device such as a mouse,kb,flash drive,,ect

hope this helps...

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