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Corsair force GT 120 dissapearing


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I have 2x Corsair forcegt 120.

I used to have them in a RAID0, they worked ok for about 1, 1.5 years, and then one of the drives strated dissapearing from the matrix. After a cold start, the drive would reappear and work with no issues.


I eventualy broke down the matrix and now I have them individualy in my sistem. The problem is, they randomly dissapear. The problem happens on both of them, I used the 5.05 firmware and the problem got exponentialy worse, they would fail after 10 minutes or so.

Right now I am using 5.02 and the situation is better, but I still have some random dissapearences...


Is there a fix for this?


L.E Tried different ports, cables and whatnot

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